Getting Your Kids To Do Anything

August 29th, 2016 | Projects | Nick | No Comments

So, a few years ago, I realized that my kids are lazybutts. Even if I stuff them with different kinds of food, like meat fish and bodybuilding and added energy, I still couldn’t get them to out and play. Instead of becoming a dictator about them doing their chores, I developed a game. If you’re looking to do some outdoor recreational activities for your kids you can try snorkeling, and if your looking for snorkeling gears to buy online checkout the review of this standard snorkels for water sports.

Our friends with kids thought it looked neat, so, I built more games for other parents. Then, someone suggested that I sell it. So, Chorey Charts began.

I developed and built the game, designed the logo, built the site, and built the (unsuccessful) Kickstarter campaign. I also did all the writing and production.

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