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Getting Your Kids To Do Anything

So, a few years ago, I realized that my kids are lazybutts. Instead of becoming a dictator about them doing their chores, I developed a game. Our friends with kids thought it looked neat, so, I built more games for other parents. Then, someone suggested that I sell it. So, Chorey Charts began. I developed […]


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I’ve been telling myself I’m going to do it for years, and I finally did. Here’s the new WordPress-based portfolio site. I think I might cry. Seriously, there could be tears.



My Life Story

TL;DR: Download my resumé here.

I was born to parents so impressed with my design skills and all-around awesomeness, they decided to have 4 more boys just like me. They realized, after their last unsuccessful attempt in 1989, that they should’ve just cloned me.

Fast-forward through a painful, awkward youth, and then college (Who’m I kidding? It was a trade school. We didn’t even have a sports team. Art Institute of Atlanta Football? Basketball? The joke writes itself.), and we get to the stuff that most come here to see.


After getting my BFA in Media Arts and Animation, and among freelance gigs for places like the Georgia Dome, I’ve worked for companies large and small. I cut my teeth at a B-Man Design, an award-winning design firm in Atlanta that handled work from clients like Turner, Cartoon Network, McKesson, and The American Heart Association. I had a long contract stint at IBM, where I built graphics and sites for eLearning courses for companies like BellSouth, Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, and BMW.

I moved on to The Home Depot and was responsible for the day-to-day graphic design, content management, and UX on their family of eCommerce sites. Then, I was with USMotivation: an incentives company that delivers reward packages to top performers in many Fortune 100 and 500 firms in industries like pharma, communications, and construction.

Most recently, I’ve been orbiting the Turnerverse, contracting and freelancing for both Turner’s corporate communication’s Presentation Group – where I got to design for almost every network under the Turner umbrella – and Cartoon Network – where I build website graphics and animation.

On any given day, for anyone, I could be:
  • Brainstorming.
  • Art directing.
  • Animating motion graphics.
  • Editing music.
  • Building a website.
  • Editing video.
  • Skinning a CMS.

Additionally, I’m Weird

If there’s one word people used throughout my life to describe me, it’d be “weird”. I like the term “eccentric”, but they call me weird when I use it. I’m a quirky sucker, buried in a mountain of peculiarities and pet peeves.

I’m always:
  • Bonhomous. I never lose my temper.
  • Silly. I love to make people smile.
  • Honest, sometimes to the point of tactlessness.
  • Iconoclastic. There’s always a better way.
  • Curious. I love to learn, and then tell folks about it, even if they’re not listening.
  • Preoccupied…hmm?
More facts nobody cares about (Please don’t read them):
  • I’m married and have been for years, each one better than the last.
  • I’m the father of two uncannily intelligent and beautiful girls and an infant clone of myself. (Seriously, don’t tell anyone, but I think they’re aliens. Especially the lanky one.).
  • I’m a landlord.
  • I’m a business owner.
  • I drive a car that I converted to run on vegetable oil.
  • …Look at all that. I am a weirdo. Dang.




From paper to wireframe, pixels to code, I strive to craft sites and images that are engaging, useful, and beautiful. To me, form should follow function, function should follow creative objectives, and objectives should follow clearly defined business goals. I work in the space between goals and form, creating experiences that are profitable and entertaining.


I love bringing the static to life; finding a tasteful, kinetic solution that, while entertaining, helps someone accomplish something, engages them, or even excites them. To me, movement is icing on the cake – a feature, not a product. But, if a little motion’ll add the spit and polish a project needs, I’m more than capable – and thrilled – to make it happen.


Call it an obsession, a preoccupation, or even a passion. I love efficiency. To me, the separation of design and content is the best thing that’s happened to the Internet since Al Gore. As far as it’s up to me, I strive to extract every byte I can; create markup as sparse as poetry; widen the chasm between style and substance; and hone my codecraft to find ways to build a better Interweb.


Today, they label it “creative problem solving”. Every day, I endeavor – and I’m more than happy – to provide a creative solution that demands I use every one of my skills. I love coming up with brand-new ideas, exploring my craft, and helping others make meet their goals in ways they never dreamed. Were I not on the Web, I’d be inventing somewhere else.




Highlight Reels

These videos highlight the motion graphics and web design I’ve done in recent years. They’re big, fat videos. They’ll likely take a minute – just sit right there – and they’ll tell you how I designed for a company called Turner.

2014 Highlight Reel

2012 Highlight Reel

The Smorgasbord

These projects utilized many of my skills at once. I designed, animated, and coded all of the following.


Steven Universe

Uncle Grandpa's RV

Herbivore Fuel Systems


Cupsize Calculator

Interactive Sales Training for On Demand Business – Matching Game

Top Gun Awards Trip Email


These projects involved good, old-fashioned animation. Some I’ve had to code at least a little — some of the animation is procedural — but by far and large, I designed and/or animated these.

Georgia Power

Young Justice Shadow Mission

The Interrupting Annoying Orange!

Exonaut's New Suits

Exonaut's Holiday Bash

Turner Presentation Group Highlights

Cartoon Network Presentation

Interactive Sales Training for On Demand Business – Commercial

Lunch & Learn Invite

Lake Tahoe Trip

Spud Pushes Buttons

Marquette Group Commercial

Marquette Group Masthead Values Wheel

Top Gun Awards Trip Commercial

Miami Trip Commercial

Superstar eCard

Web Design & UX

Here are some examples of web design I’ve done over the years. I designed these, and on many I even engineered the UX and layout.

Battle Party Tournament


Ski Safari

Sullivan and Son

TBS Various

Who Gets the Last Laugh?Book of DragonsAlternate Home Depot HomepageOvation TemplateOvation TemplateOvation TemplateBraviq Web Design Iteration

Design and Illustration

I illustrated and designed these:

Team Fortress Adventure Time Accessories

Braviq Logo

Family Jewels Logo



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